I’m a fitness and health journalist based in NYC, an ACE-certified personal trainer, and an avid hiker and camper. I’m currently the deputy fitness editor at SELF.com, where I write, assign, and edit all the content about fitness, including personal essays, service pieces, and science-y explainers. When I have time, I also write those sorts of things, and love doing it—digging into research and speaking with interesting, smart experts, and crafting a story.

I started my career as a health and beauty writer, and from there, ended up gravitating toward health. As I covered health and fitness more and more, it started to become a bigger part of my personal life. I’ve run eight (or nine?) half marathons, and exercise is an important part of my weekly routine. In 2017, I decided to become a certified trainer to help further my knowledge of the topics I frequently report on and write about.

Right now, I focus solely on fitness content, applying my strong health reporting background to a space that could definitely use a little more scrutiny in general. Just like any other health topic, fitness deserves to be reported on in a diligent, nuanced, no-bullshit way, so that readers can gain knowledge to help them better their lives and not just be fed empty promises. I’m very practiced at reading and contextualizing studies, I take continuing education courses on a variety of fitness topics, and I seek out the most relevant experts on every topic I cover. Ultimately, I believe fitness is something that should help every person feel good and be proud of what they can do, not make them feel bad or guilty about what they can’t.

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