I’m a freelance journalist, ACE-certified personal trainer, and an avid hiker and camper. I recently left New York City to travel around the U.S. in a camper trailer with my husband. Our plan is to visit as many national parks as possible—and to take a step back from the high stress of big-city living.

Before going freelance, I was the deputy fitness editor at SELF, where I wrote and assigned and edited a variety of content, including personal essays, service pieces, and research-heavy explainers. I also regularly created workouts for the site. Before concentrating on fitness, I was a health writer and editor who covered everything from health conditions to mental health to pregnancy and fertility.

I have a strong health reporting background and a lot of experience covering complicated health topics with nuance. I’m very practiced at reading and contextualizing studies, I take continuing education courses on a variety of fitness topics, and I seek out the most relevant experts on every topic I cover. My goal with anything I work on is to give people the knowledge they need to make informed and empowered health decisions without feeling guilty or lesser-than if their approach is different from other people’s.

In 2017, I decided to become a certified trainer to help further my knowledge of the topics I frequently cover. I have extensive experience creating workouts myself, working with experienced trainers in the industry to commission well-programmed workouts, and fit-teching on-set at fitness shoots.

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