I give women smart information to help them become their healthiest, happiest selves. Knowledge gives you power, and that power can help you do everything from living a longer, happier life, to reaching the fitness goals you never thought you could.

braid side profilePersonally, I take health seriously, but don’t let it stop me from enjoying life. Cheeseburgers are my favorite food, I definitely drink more than one glass of wine in one sitting, and I drink coffee after 3 p.m. very often. We can only do so much. In the end, it’s all about balance. What’s the point in having a healthy body, if you’re driving yourself crazy over it?

When I’m not writing and editing health content for SELF.com, I’m most likely: training for a half marathon, getting sweaty in various group fitness studious around NYC, hovering over my stove trying a new recipe, obsessing over my skin, stuffing myself over brunch with friends, or lounging on my sweet sectional with my boyfriend (plus a cup of coffee and a good book or addictive TV show).